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Jie (Lily) Zeng, MD, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow

Lily received her MD in Clinical Medicine at Nanchang University and PhD in Internal Medicine at Tongji University. She conducted lung cancer translational research as a visiting scholar / postdoc at UC Davis. In the Rosenbluth Lab, she’s excited to model inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) and find novel solutions for breast cancer treatment.

Liana Beld, MS


Liana received her Master of Science in Global Health Sciences from UCSF with a focus on drug discovery for Neglected Tropical Diseases. In the Rosenbluth Lab, she will use single cell analysis techniques to study early events in breast cancer development.

Eugene Chon, BA

Research Assistant

Eugene is a recent pre-dental graduate interested in translational research.

Sigal Eini, BA

Master's Student

Siggie earned her BA in chemistry and philosophy at Smith College then gained additional experience in chemistry and pharmacology in academic and industry settings.  She is currently working on integrating organoid culturing with the I-SPY2 clinical trial platform.

Kirithiga Ramalingam, MD

Postdoctoral research fellow

Kirithiga is a breast surgeon currently performing her research fellowship and working with Dr. Laura Esserman, Dr. Rosenbluth and a multi-disciplinary team to develop new treatment strategies for Ductal Carcinoma in Situ that both avoid over-treatment and prevent the development of lethal invasive disease.